Friday, August 22, 2003

soft smiles

its the 22nd of august in the year 2003
i am writing to you from the eastern wing of hades
its 4am and 89 degreesF.
:music: St. Germain - Tourist

the benefit went very well. the draw wasn't as huge as we had hoped but we did raise money for the cause. the show was wonderful. great comments, although it ran a bit long. i am extremely proud of my sis for making this all happen.  :clap:

i had the pleasure of interacting with some extraordinary spirits tonight. a level of comfort was achieved so quickly. a soft smile was perched on my lips all night.

i had a lovely evening! :D

hanging out with a friend tomorrow who's on a pitstop during a long road trip. i think a round of frisbee golf is in order. :nod:

wear sunscreen ;)

warm humid
clothing clings
a second skin
gentle words make moan
nestled in the breeze
trees shhhh to passing cars
as an attentive audience standsby
the plot
a journey
a stroll down new parkways
over bridges
beyond the center of the universe
to a quiet well lit ballerina dancing in the park
she stands
head tilted to the stars
ready watching waiting
with palm open
arm extended for another
whirl circle twirl
under the amber glow of buzzing streetlights
shadows play
tangle mingle huddle
into figures where
two become one
one become two

sleep beckons.