Monday, August 28, 2006

. westcoastin' .

. summer sigh . ..back to the west coast and i am in bliss..
we spent the entire day swimming at deep cove and ate fresh blackberries until my lower lip was stained a lovely shade of violet...

starlight starbright.. i wish i may i wish i might

i am not exactly in the place i wish, but i will take that i am soo close! i can visit my home all the time and things are falling into place nicely!

my pirate found a rightly ship to work on! it pays a nice treasure indeed!

i am taking my time finding my new employer. i will not be a prisoner like i was for so long.. my time is precious and i will find something worthy..

at the moment all i want to do is strum my guitar and watch the golden light flicker through the dancing trees ... they sway all day. i wonder if they hear my music. i hope that they do!

today my freckles smiled.