Wednesday, April 18, 2007

. un thinkable .

the sky was like the sea
clouds held onto morning's
light like sleeply
children tucked under covers
this monday light
was ordinary
such a light that one would see
on a tuesday or thursday of our life
then the light
that burned so bright
changed so vividly into night
when the stars that twinkle
even in the day
seemed to fall from the sky
and whither away
all too soon
the stars lost their light
all too soon
the stars lost their light

stolen from the sky
by the hands of quiet boy
who in confusion lost his sight
of life and love
of wrong and right
and in the world of
time and thought
the unthinkable happened
on that monday dawn
while those stars
that burned bright
even through the daylight
all too soon
lost their light
all too soon
the stars lost their light

. count down to earth day 2007 .

photography has alway been a passion...
capturing the simple things that perhaps one would overlook was always a game to me.. like uncovering a secret in the sand and wondering if it was placed there just for me...
sometimes images can be as strong as a touch, flooding back memories like a fragrance of an old love.. or an echo of laughter now departed..
it can be the symphony of the forest or the silent sparkles of the stars..

i believe that a picture can tell a thousand words...
like laundry on a clothesline.. my life has been documented with one photo after another.. zig zaging from one point of my life to another..
*smiles* dad was always snapping that camera..
...from first birthdays to road trips...
... silly sleepovers to serious convictions by the fashion police...
documented... and waiting for a moment of fond remembrance and perhaps blackmail.

i can remember, when i was very young, my mother would bring out this old photo album with all the great, great, great, grandmothers' pictures in it.. i remember the way that it smelled.. dusky musky.. the pages were black and the yellowed photos were held in place by fragile little corners.. the stories that would come from that book.. radio stores, bookees, tales of huge italian dinners that i swear i could feel the humidity from the pasta water and smell the basil and garlic frying in the olive oil... to the warmth of my nana's smile, her perfume and her broken english...

yes, our photographs are the illustrations to our storybooks... such tales!

for earthday, i started a little countdown on my deviantart site...

each day i will submit another photo until april 22.. earthday.
i've been away from taking pictures lately ... so i am back in the swing.
funny how us artist types flipflop between mediums.. it's like we are artistically promiscuous!

take the time to look around.
taste the air and see the colours around you.
what is your story...