Wednesday, November 22, 2006

cry wolf

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  • Reading: harry pot-head 6
  • Watching: wildlife in my backyard
  • Playing: peekaboo with the sparrows
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  • Drinking: peach honeybush tea

"To look into the eyes of a wolf is to see your own soul"
Aldo Leopold

so the rains went and came back..
with the american turkey day being just around the corner, i made my grocery list, put on my wellies and dufflecoat and headed out the door...
the wind was pretty gusty. i was still shaking off the surprise of hearing thunder & seeing lightning earlier this morning (that doesnt usually happen around the pacific northwest!)
I locked my door and looked around the corner to see if i would need to engage the umbrella ..
what to my wondering eyes should appear...

but a wet grey wolf with his tail down as well as his ears!

I shook my head and blinked and blinked.. and it was STILL There!

being new to the area and not really wanting to be on the lunch menu of my little wolfie friend, I casually went back inside and sought out the trusty binoculars to get a better look from the double paned window...
a wolf?! maybe grandma was out there too!
but when i arrived at the window, it was gone.
was i mad? having an acid flashback from a former life? was i being visited by ancient native peoples on this prelude to thanksgiving??

there must be an explanation. i was fairly certain that this wasnt a doggie. its ears were smaller than a dog and it was unmistakeably the same colour as the wolves that live in the cascades..
so i stripped off the outer gear and headed straight away to the puter to research.
apparently there are no record of sightings in the bothell area, but with all the new development on the wetlands and highlands, it wouldnt surprise me if critters started turning up in the most unheard of places.  i do live on government protected wildlife land and watched salmon spawning in the stream last month.. so what's a little more wildlife!

i still had no real concrete evidence. damn it, sometimes i feel like Scully.

so i called the one seattle native who i was certain could give me the answers that i sought... rapidograph!

he was like.. 'um.. what?!'
yes, Gary, a wolf!
are you sure it wasnt a coyote? or a big dog?
well, i cant be sure; but, it wasnt wearing a collar and i wasnt about to call out 'Here Puppy! Come to the nice, tasty, curly haired lady!'

he had never heard of wolf sightings in bothell either, but agreed it could be a possiblity.
so the case will never be solved! perhaps i will see it again... i kinda hope so.

we laughed about it being a visitor from another world.. and it got me to thinking about yet another children's story.. :)

I called the hubbie, gave him the grocery list, and told him to beware of wolves and he said... its not okay for you to be lunch but its okay for me to be dinner! i see how it is! :rofl: he's a good man, charlie brown.

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