Sunday, June 24, 2007


is the best face lift...

so has occurred to me that tomorrow marks the 4 year anniversary of me moving out of my apartment in victoria...

at the time ... i was so unhinged. broken.
felt like i was caught in a void that held
no summer nor winter
no chill nor warmth
no light nor darkness..
the thought of leaving home was so intense that i truly thought i was breaking inside.

and now..
four turns of the wheel..
strange places, odd faces..
new tastes and heart race(ing)
from the dryness into rain..
i was a springtime seed in the wind
and now..
i am growing like a vine
stretching out my finger leaves
embracing the new life.. the new hope.. the new home
that is within me.

leaving victoria was truly the best thing that ever happened to me.

and at times, my homesickness for the island life kicks me back a few notches..
but i am finding that the seattle area is not such a bad consolation prize.
sweetness of cedar.. arbutus daydreams.. vine ripened marion berries.. candied salmon.. ferry boat rides... mountains EVERYWHERE i look.. my own private meadow with robins and stellarjays.. swallows and sparrows.. chickadees and warblers.. a backyard symphony!!
and a person who loves me
all the time
not just sometimes
but always.

i feel transformed. and alive.. and young.
my friends tell me that i look better than i ever did in victoria...
the stress is gone from my eyes..
the hurt has healed
and my soul is calm.
perhaps that is the greatest gift of all.

music and creation is my everyday diet.
and with my pirate by my side, great friends to fill the sails with laughter..
the adventure is amazing.

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