Sunday, February 26, 2012

. when the stars align .

So much has happened in a month.
Geli left the band. Snows and new songs.
Taxes, new bookings, a new recording for Syren.
RPM Challenge. Date nights with my beautiful husband.
finding the blue behind the clouds.
New musical adventures with clarinetists and one Dan Connolly.
I suppose when great changes occur a general cleansing of the heart also happens.
I find myself trying to be less critical of myself. i am usually my worst enemy in change.
i pray that my self esteem stays in check.
and that my general cheerleader for the world attitude keeps me rah rahin' all the way to summer.

In other news.. it's hard to believe that just over a month away I will we in Ireland with the boys, playing music and soaking up history.

such a charmed life. I wonder how I became so fortunate to have all these beautiful things happening.

dreams glisten like springtime spiderwebs.
we are on the verge of new growth...
change is in the air and it is welcomed

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