Sunday, January 15, 2012

15 years... how time flies

15 years ago today i landed on Vancouver island.
i fell in love with a magical place and boy
i slept with whimsy and dined on dreams
i met friends that would last my lifetime...
i grew with the cedars and listen to the raven
i got tangled in sea kelp and silly games that often come with love
i learned how to be alone and how to play music from my heart
i walked through places that seemed to be ripped from pages of storybooks
i fell and i hurt, but i got up again.
i watched whales playing in the wake of the ferry and i was waking from my childhood life
i painted canvas, fingers, and skin
i believed in romance, fairies, and in people others thought i was wasting time with.
i watched the fog dress the springtime blossoms in mystery with my dear friday friend at the top of the city
at times, i wish i could go back again... but am grateful for where i am now.
15 years ago ...
i tasted salt air for the first time, kissed a memory, started a new chapter that would last for 6 years.
and it changed me forever.

thankful for all that has happen.
and all that will.

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